Web tech

At around the same time I started learning foreign languages, I also became interested in computer languages and how machines work from the inside. I taught myself HTML when I was 10, JavaScript at 11 and PHP from the age of 12, and I've had ongoing web projects in one form or another ever since.

I now create and manage websites for various clients around the world, and customise their content management systems as required. I also manage email, tech support and stock control. My most recent project involved creating an online shop for a saddles manufacturer in my hometown. I also offer search engine optimisation services and can produce banners, brochures, and even van liveries to accompany online presence with a strong offline brand.

Stay tuned for more information and portfolio coming soon.


My rate for web work is £20 per hour, although individual projects are commissioned on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch for a full quote.